Transformation Tuesday

Today we wanted to celebrate transformation by looking back at the amazingĀ  change the community garden has undergone. Firstly the support and commitment has been trully humbling and what a result. From the original ALBION buildings below to “our June” making plans and finally Rainbows to give us HOPE and enjoy the tranquility and unity the garden has provided. The Gardener’s pushed the boundaries and have achieved a fabulous space all have do and will enjoy. I love sitting in the garden passing time catching up with friends its a peaceful and relaxing. “Cathie Cairns” Finally we welcome the community to pop down and smell the fresh herbs such as lemon mint (a team fave) sit in our luxurious benches. Its also a great spot to watch the phase of the moon on clear evenings such as the “Super new Moon” expected mid November. ALBIONThe Begnning                    

Wednesday Wisdom

Saving Mother Earth

A Circular Christmas

If everyone wore a pre-loved item on Christmas day, the CO2 emissions saved would be the equivalent of taking 56 million cars of the road for the day.
Within our local area we have access to amazing charity shops allowing us to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and supporting a Charity. For Charity items some great recommendations of THE HOS team ARE our local Barnardos, Marie Curie and British Heart Foundation. To support local business pre-loved items available at Love it again, Pre-loved and Isabela’s wardrobe.  

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